May 23, 2006

From the creator of Sequenza 21, Jerry Bowles, has created blognoggle, a compendium of RSS feeds about music, mostly contemporary and classical music. It has two cousins, that focus on Politics and Business as well. Several of my posts have appear there, along with a bevy of other thoughtfully curated posts. Red Black Window is in blognoggle’s 100 Top New Music Blogs

Here are Jerry’s thoughts on his new site:

I started blognoggle pages on new music, business and politics because
I realized that only a small fraction of internet users now bother
with RSS readers and those that do become quickly overwhelmed by too
much information. My hunch is that web readers (particularly music
lovers as opposed to techies) would much rather go to a web page where
the most important and freshest posts from the best sources have
already been automatically selected for them to quickly review.


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