New Byrds Box set to be released

May 24, 2006

byrds.jpgMy second favorite band of the 60s behind the Beatles is the Byrds. Nearly everything they did from 1965 to 1970 in their various incarnations was interesting, although after Crosby, Clark, Clarke and Hillman left my enthusiasm wained. Gram Parsons and Clarence White were two post-Byrds mega-stars that put in time. I’m pretty sure I own all of the LPs they put out at this time, together and apart. So despite their already having put out far too many greatest hits and reissues, a new set called “There is a Season” is slated for release by Coumbia/Legacy on August 29, 2006. It will include a 4 CD set of the standard Byrds fare, but also all the early stuff like the early bands called The Jet Set and Beefeaters, as well as later reincarnations of the group in 1973 and 1990. A DVD of live performances promises to make this set unique.

After a little hunting around I see that Roger McGuinn owns where he posts with his wife Camilla from time to time. David Crosby has his own website where finally he has free reign to talk politics as well as his music. He used to irritate his bandmates by chatting politics with the audience when all they wanted to hear was “Turn Turn Turn.” Like the other two living Byrds, Chris Hillman is alive and well. His website will bring you up to date on his career, and be sure to check out the various photos of his musical career. Not great pics but marvelous documents. Although Gene Clark has been dead since 1991, his music is more popular than ever. will show you the extent to which this is true. The most invisible member, Michael Clarke, a heavy drinker, succumbed to liver failure in 1993. Clarke will be remembered for providing cool drum parts to early Byrds records as well as the Flying Burrito Brothers. At the end of his life he pursued appearing on TV to warn children of the dangers of alcohol. The foundation Campaign for Alcohol-free Kids carries his dream on. Read “Death of a Rock’n’Roll Legend” for the sad end of his life.

I look forward to revisiting these old friends. No, it won’t be the same as it was when they were together, and that’s just fine.

[For more information, see the Billboard article and the Chartattack article.]

Addendum: today, May 24, 2006, is the 15th anniversary of Gene Clark’s death. Gene died of a heart attack at age 46.

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