Iner Souster

May 31, 2006


“The instrument with no name” by Iner Souster

If you have a very high speed connection and patience, log on to Iner Souster’s website. (He needs to break his blog into pages as he’s got far too many files and downloading data that will make you wait forever.) If you have the patience to wait, you will find photographs of instruments designed and built by Mr. Iner Souster. They are elegantly made and beautifully photographed. I wish he would sell them, I, and many others I’m sure, would buy one or more. He promises mp3s of the instruments but I couldn’t find any. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) Iner is Canadian. His government is traditionally supportive of the arts; they should make Mr. Souster a National Treasure.


“The Raga” by Iner Souster

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