Brevity and the art of blogging

June 3, 2006

“bluex” by Roger Bourland

I tend to prefer bite-size posts on blogs. I say that perhaps because I am still not comfortable reading long articles online. I’m getting better. I suffer from short attention span when I zoom through the various blogs I read. I’m a busy guy, and as much as I’d like to make blogging a full time gig, I ain’t “retired” yet.

I love poetry. But I gravitate towards the stuff that fits on one or two pages. The epic poets like Browning, Whitman, and the like, I am impatient with. The power of a poem that is laid out on one page has always been a powerful information delivery system for me — likewise, reproductions of photos and artwork. For me, blogs combine photography, poetry, conversation, meditation, news, and humor on an online conveyor belt.


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