Rufus’s new beau

June 25, 2006

Here is a photo I found on the Rufus Wainwright message board taken by someone at Patrick McMullan Company. After much speculation on the RWMB about Rufus’s new beau, it was leaked that his new friend was called “Jorn,” but then we were told it was Jörn (mit umlaut) (“sounds more like yearn than porn”). Now I see on PMc that this chap is called Bjorn Weisbordt (no umlaut on this website). More importantly, there was much discussion as to their heights: the consensus seems to be that Rufus is 5’11” and Bjorn is 6’1″. Hmm, so much to learn.

I, and many on the RW message board, are very happy for Rufus and Bjorn [or Bjørn, or Björn].


Update: his name is Jörn Weisbrodt. See comment below for more details.


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