Avoiding planetary fear; or 地球46億年の物語【Meteorite Collision】

June 26, 2006

When I was an undergraduate at UW Madison, I teased one of my classmates by, after telling me that she was moving to California, warning her that she might fall into the ocean after “the big one.” She stared at me with this icy glare and said: “ROGER, YOU CAN’T LIVE IN FEAR.” Very good advice: fear causes cancer faster than cigarettes I would imagine. Living without fear has been a goal I’ve strived for, with a fair amount of success. I grant you that 21st century fear is very different than early hominid survival fear, but it is fear none the less.

All that having been said, and knowing that I’m really an optimistic fellow, here is a video that just might make you afraid about the possible impact of a meteor on the planet. I don’t speak Japanese, but you get the idea really well. Ursi made me do this. [Ursi Spaltenstein is one of my blog heroes.]

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