June 28, 2006

Pianolina, an onine music instrument of sorts

For some strange reason, Grotrian has made available a cyber-piano-composition doohicky called a PIANOLINA that you can click on and drive everyone in your house crazy. It takes a piece of preexisting music and processes it one way or another, depending upon what it is that you do to it. I find it analagous to audible Brownian motion, or imagine taking the notes of an Erik Satie piano piece (which this does) and put it inside one of those little shakeup winter scenes where the snow falls slowly down, well, they would be notes instead of snow.

The elements you get to play with are TONE (good thing), CHORD, COMPOSITION, and TEMPO. You can just “drag” these parameters onto the gameboard, er score paper and the things take on a bouncy bouncy life of their own, and begin to make a windy obnoxious wind chime sound like rain. I confess I didn’t give it a chance: I’m a control freak when it comes to which notes go when and where.

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