Things that make us happy

June 29, 2006

Happy-mimichi.jpgI realized that one could probably start a religion by codifying the things that make us happy.

No, just kidding, but if we cut to the chase in life, isn’t it happiness that gives us that little internal buzz that make life so fucking fabulous?

Speaking of which, take a look at Citrus’s wise post on Happiness.

And lest you think that I sit around deliriously happy all day long, such is not the case. Not that I’m UNhappy. It’s just that there are some very special moments that stand out that are truly enjoyable. Little golden moments that can be triggered by a memory, an activity, a smell, a sound, and so on. Like an orgasm, one couldn’t probably sustain such joy for long periods of time. But who knows: I’m working on it.

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