Dmitri Tymoczko

July 8, 2006

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What a joy to see a young scholar/composer/music theorist pop onto my screen this morning. Dmitri Tymoczko is an Assistant Professor at Princeton and has come up with a lot of new ways to think about music theory, and ultimately, new ways to describe structure in music. He may leave me in the dust with math, but that’s ok. This is a direction we need to go. The old ways of describing music are creaking and need updating badly. The articles on his home page look very sexy (that is to a nerd like me) and I can’t wait to read them.

There is an excellent overview of his work on Princeton’s news page, and the July 7, 2006 issue of SCIENCE has an article that represents his most recent research.

Check out some of the movies Mr. Tymoczko has put on his website that illustrate his methods. Fascinating stuff.


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