S*x and spam

July 13, 2006

My blogsite been inundated by naughty spam lately. I am thankful for a plugin called AKISMET for yanking these nasty things out of the comments area. The count today is up to 1400 over the past few days. I’ve figured out that when I use the word s*x or er*tic or g*y or any of those other kinds of words, little sex, oops! s*x robots pick up these words and attack me. I have read a few of these things with horror. Does anyone really click these things? Are there really videos of elderly Afghani women doing it with bis*xual Brooklyn babes? And are there really people who want to watch that?

But really, there is a formula, and I think I’ve got it down. Try it yourself.

How to write naughty spam

[gender] [sexual persuasion] XXX [age group] [nationality] slut [what naughty things they do] Video [family affiliation] naked [other intense s*xual descriptions]

And then the titles are usually three or four consecutive words from the description. It’s really not so far from William Burroughs and NAKED LUNCH.

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