BourlanDiary 7.24.06

July 24, 2006

"Marina" by Daniel Shiplacoff

“Marina” by Daniel Shiplacoff.

Friday we went down to the Marina and had dinner on an 85 foot yacht from 1926 (sic) with some friends who are living on it for a few months. The woodwork was elegant, although the boat is in “a state of disrepair.” The smell of diesel fuel was never too far away from the olfactoric antenae. It was a beautiful sunset. Daniel took some great photos of the water. The one above shows beautiful planes of waves and shadows. I asked if he would put it in B&W, the original was a buttery brown orange.


Saturday was an all-time temperature high in LA. Brutal. We went to a wedding in Irvine. J is my former student, and his wife L got married in a church, and then the ceremony was held outside in 107 º temperatures. There was dancing, and standing around waiting for drinks is the blazing sun. I was surprised that no one died. I wrote about “The Hippy Wedding” last month, well this was THE HOT WEDDING. J and L were good sports sweating profusely while trying to look cool, calm and collected while posing for photos. The bartenders nearly fainted. The grandparents left early (thank God, we were all afraid for their health). The band featured 8 singers who danced around and tried to look cool doing their slick dance moves. Everyone was drenched in sweat. Miraculously, no one seemed to have any problems. When we left, the sun was setting, the night only slightly cooler, everyone was dancing, sweating, and smiling.


Today I start work on the film CAGES, which has been recently re-edited. The film originally had half my music, half smooth jazz music. For a variety of reasons, the producer and director have decided to have an all-Bourland score, so I’ll be busting my ass for the next two weeks providing another 25 minutes of music to the film. I’m doing the whole thing on Logic Pro. I have an amazing sound library from which to draw.

The holes left by some of the amazing songs that used to be in the score is a bit terrifying in terms of stepping up to the emotional “plate” to use a baseball term. The air conditioner has been broken, and the temperatures have been in the 100s in LA which makes it tough. I get a bit dizzy around 4:30 and make myself go somewhere cool for a couple of hours.

My first chamber opera is done (FLIGHT INTO EGYPT) and Juliana Gondek will premiere it on Feb. 22 at UCLA. I’ve got the main line through the second chamber opera, MOZART AND THE GRAY STEWARD, finished as of yesterday, and will now put it down to do CAGES. Vladimir Chernov and Michael Dean will premiere this work on the same night, playing, respectively, Mozart and the Gray Steward.

Next month, assuming I am a good boy and finish CAGES and MOZART, I will go to Hawaii for 10 days with Mark Carlson. Mark has a piece he has to finish there, and I’ll be composing ALARCON MADRIGALS BOOK III for Iris Levine and Vox Femina/LA for this season. Then assuming I finish ALL of that, I’ll return to being a teacher at the end of September.

I’m working hard this summer.

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