Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays: First Circle

July 26, 2006

Here is a song I have listened to a thousand times. Not this performance, the one made by the Pat Metheny Group with Lyle Mays. This is one of those pieces that will lift you up into the clouds if you let it. In the original performance, it was a Latino (male) singer who sang in the same key. This gave the tessitura a tremendous energy. The woman singing here sings well, but it is low in her voice and doesn’t come off the same at all. And the words. Sheesh. Ee yi ee yi oh. Sounds like old macdonald. In the original it sounds like indiscernible Portuguese. In THIS amazing performance, we have a German orchestra playing the work. And they do it admirably. If you like this music, get the album called FIRST CIRCLE. The won a Grammy for it.

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