BourlanDiaries: Sean and Briana’s house warming

July 29, 2006

Spectrum (2005) by Thomas Briggs

From the Spectrum Series (2005) by Thomas Briggs.

One of Daniel’s clients is a body worker, Sean. He uses an amazing technique he calls the “Fijian technique, where he lies on the floor next to you or stands above you and works on your muscles with his feet. He is also starting a new business where he coordinates other body workers and new age artisans. Last night Sean and his roommate Briana (also a body worker) had a house warming party. The people were interesting and beautiful.

There were many [single] gorgeous women there. One thing many of them seemed to have in common was stunning racial mixes. Black and Latin. Latin and Japanese. Russian and Mexican. Wow! It was a shame that these vivacious gals had slim pickings with all the gay men there, and the only straight men there seemed to be with their wives. Daniel and I couldn’t help but notice how many of the couples in our lives as well as at this party are one Asian and one Caucasian. Birds of a feather still flock together.

One other amusing thing happened. Sean is gay. Or at least he used to be gay. He is in his mid-40s, had a penchant for Latinos. Recently, while holding a workshop in New Mexico, Sean met and fell in love with Briana. Yes, Briana is a woman. Well, we got to see it in person at the party. There they were, sneaking off to corners or quiet rooms to make out like teenagers. This kinda stuff doesn’t happen all that often. Stay tuned.

I had one bisexual period in my life. And based upon that, I tend to think bisexuality, for men, is a transition to being gay. I used to have a pie-in-the-sky notion that everyone is bisexual. This is potentially true, but I don’t believe it these days. Sexual preference is likely on a spectrum, but I bet that the spectrum is lumpy, and is heavily populated on the opposite ends.

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