Dinner for Tim and Alistair

July 30, 2006

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Alistair McCartney and Tim Miller.

We first met Tim Miller and Alistair McCartney at a resort in Palm Springs in 1994. Tim and I had both met new and younger lovers. We visited and made plans to get together in LA at some point in the future. Twelve years later we finally had them over for dinner with a few other friends. I have been a huge fan of Tim Miller ever since I started going to his “gay performance art.” His writing comes from a rib in Joni Mitchell in that his work is confessional. Obsessively and entertainingly confessional. People like to hear people talk about their lives. I love hearing Tim articulating what it is and has been to be a gay white male from Southern California in the past three decades.

The dramatic pacing in his one man shows is thrilling. His performances jab you with dramatic contrast: hysteria to calm; fast paced jabbering to slow recitation; flailing around the stage to focused quiet; good boy to bad boy; shocking to confessional. If you have never seen his work, there are DVDs and videos available, otherwise be sure to see his next show. He tours extensively and blogs occasionally.

Alistair is a writer, journalist, teacher and performer. His website has samples of his work. He teaches in the Creative Writing program at Antioch University and his completing his first novel.

Having that as background, we didn’t talk about Tim’s work, we got to just visit, although I hogged a half hour at the beginning and end of the evening playing music from the film I’m working on, CAGES. The film’s director, Graham Streeter, was here with his partner Alex Lebosq, and gave me permission to play my music in progress which I did. I was relieved that Graham liked the music, and everyone else seemed to as well.

We resolved to get together with more frequency. They are a great couple and I am happy to know such wonderful people.

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