Norelco’s new BODYGROOM shaver for men

August 2, 2006


It had to happen. A shaver for men for those hard to get at places, and I don’t mean your face. Larry sent me this link a few months ago. It roused my curiosity and I went out and bought one. It does actually work. It takes a while for your skin to “get used to it.” Which it seems to do, just as your face has. The secret to not getting nicked is to always pull the skin taut and smooth. It is never really as smooth as a blade, but the feeling is still nice.

What was bizarre, is that when Daniel and I went to see Rufus in Carnegie Hall, we had to visit Angie and her newly unemployed boyfriend. Turns out HE was brains behind the BODYGROOM ad campaign and this great video made to help sell it, courtesy of If you haven’t seen it, watch it. A new brave frontier in advertising has just been crossed. And no, I’m not being paid by anyone to tell you this. Smooth scrota for all!

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