Paul DesMarais: “Orpheus Mourns Eurydice” for solo piano

August 2, 2006


Paul DesMarais; photo by Roger Bourland.

Composer, colleague, and close friend Paul DesMarais composed an award winning score for solo piano to accompany dancer/choreographer, John Pennington‘s new work called “Reflections on Kreutzberg” pennington.jpg(2005). You know how it is when you drive around with one CD in your car and you keep listening to it, and enjoying it? Well, that’s been Paul’s piece. I’d like to share the last movement with you. It has a slippery sense tonality that would make Gesualdo blush. I LOVE this piece, and I hope you will too. (The set will be published later this year by Yelton Rhodes Music.)


“Orpheus Mourns for Euryice” by Paul Des Marais, performed by the composer. © Paul Des Marais, Yelton Rhodes Music sole selling agent.


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