Who is COOP?

August 2, 2006

coop.jpgThis morning I came across an interesting article telling me that Captain Beefheart’s house is for sale in Woodland Hills for $849,900. His post used the phrase “fast and bulbous” and this was a phrase that Todd Buffa and I used to quote obsessively in high school: “Fast and bulbous. That’s right the mascara snake, fast and bulbous. Yeah, but you’re supposed to wait until I say ‘bulbous also tapered.'” or something like that.

The post was really well written, making me want to read more. He has a very interesting blog called Positive Ape Index that I recommend you plow through when you have some time. There is a fascinating piece of “paintblogging” or a work in progress of a a painting (starts in January 2006). I mean, every five minutes the dude has taken a picture and written about the process. Coop, the “insensitive artiste” author, collects toys, and is especially obsessed with Japanese toys. Check out this interview with him and get to know the soul of a collector.


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