Avid acquires Sibelius

August 4, 2006

For you musicians out there, the company that makes all those nifty musical examples I post, Sibelius, has been acquired by Avid, the company famous for video editing, and will have its new home with Digidesign, the subdivision that makes ProTools, a staple of creating electro-acoustic music masters for music and film. The company was founded by twin brothers, Ben and Jonathan Finn, and it has risen to fame and passed up Coda’s FINALE in popularity among composers and arrangers. The Finns WILL stay on. (I made the switch 3 years ago.) One of the new features Sibelius included in their most recent upgrade was the ability to look as quicktime videos while composing, a real plus for film composers, and now that Avid has acquired them, I’m hoping Sibelius will incorporate even more useful tools.

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