Mutated out of control; more on martinis

August 4, 2006

"Still LIfe" by Roger Bourland

“Still Life” by Roger Bourland.

Thanks to fellow musician and blogger DJA for a quote in his blog today:

Red Black Window — a blog that started as an incubator for UCLA professor Roger Bourland’s book on Rufus Wainwright and has mutated completely out of control, much to blogdonia’s benefit. The main event is still Roger’s Lessons For Rufus — a remarkable primer in academic music for the nonacademic musician — but dude knows how to drink, too.

I’m happy to know that my blog’s mutation has been satisfying to others besides myself, as I don’t think I could just write about only ONE thing in this kind of format. I know that I have some readers who only scan for Rufus Wainwright information. Others like anything having to do with gay issues. Others have said they love being introduced to different music via my blog. And as far as my invisible global classroom for my “Lessons for Rufus” I have no attendance sheet, but am glad that someone is getting something from them. My father wrote somewhere that he prefers focused blogs rather than all-over-the-place blogs, and I suspect many of my onetime readers may find tha same thing. But, I write about things on my mind. I’m not being paid by anyone to do anything, and am happy that I have the readership that I do.

I am puzzled that not a lot of people play the mp3 files I have embedded. Is it because they choke your computer? Or you didn’t realize that that orange button thingee is a playback button? Or you just don’t have time to listen to music? Or you have bad speakers and listening to music on a computer is something you just don’t do? Any feedback public or private is appreciated.

And as far as drinking, yes, I love my nightly martini, and a glass of shiraz. Occasionally more, but I hate being drunk. As Dorothy Parker apocryphally wrote:

I like to have a martini
Two at the very most
After three I’m under the table
After four I’m under the host.

Martini glasses are wisely designed. If you get too drunk, the whole beverage will likely slide right out of your glass down the cleavage of the woman you are laughing with. One must have a steady hand to even hold one.

Many of my dearest friends are vodka drinkers and are proud of it. I got the feeling a few were not amused at my snotty nosed appreciation of gin. Ah well. They know I’m just kidding. Please. As if. On the other hand, all my gin compadres were with me 100%.

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