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August 6, 2006

Robert Gable, er, excuse me, robert gable of aworks honors Red Black Window in his FEEDS OF THE MONTH post and lists it first. robert sez:

beyond aworks :: feeds of the month /neo-americanism et al/

When one subscribes to too many blogs and feeds and seldom unsubscribes, one learns to ruthlessly organize. As a by-product of that organization, here are this month’s top feeds.


1. Red Black Window. Composer/professor Roger Bourland’s tastes (and lifestyle) are somewhat different than mine but anyone with a “GRIFFES” license plate deserves to be read.
2. PostClassic. Kyle Gann knows too much about American classical music, classical music, “downtown music”, portable disk drives as music archives etc. I think he’s also a native Texan but he maintains our intellectual interest, nonetheless.
3. The Standing Room. Not as much about parking lately but still interesting and fun.
4. Renewable Music. His music landmarks list is diverse and well-articulated as is his blog in general.
5. Theatre of Found Sounds. Another sophisticated take on musical truth.
6. Coolfer. Record industry news and links. I wish my industry had such an exceptional blog. Hmm.
7. Kinderkuchen for the FBI. I share almost none of her operatic interests but I’ll defend to the death her right to blog about it. Ok, maybe not to the death, but still…
8. NewMusicBox.
9. Playbill Arts.
10. Sequenza21 news.

It is a relief that I haven’t scared off my non-queer music colleagues with my occasional campy post. Thanks Robert, er, robert. y’know, maybe we SHOULD just get rid of caps. i like it.


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