August 6, 2006

Michael Kaulkin was kind enough to include me on his blogroll today, so I went to explore why the appreciation. We seem to share a similar love of music of all kinds, even though we are based in so-called classical music, we love folk music, rock music, popular musics of the world, and well, music. I love his writing style so I will take it as an honor to be cited on his blog.

Kaulkin shared a discovery with his readers on his July 27, 2006 post. The group is called LOITUMA, a Sibelius Academy-trained group of four vocalists (three female and one male), accompanying themselves with kanteles (traditional Finnish zither/harp-like instrument) and occasionally violin and other instruments. . He discovered them through researching the music behind this looped cartoon (don’t spend too much time waiting for it to stop, it won’t). And being the persistent scholar he is, he went to YouTube and found a performance of the whole song.

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