There’s More to Follow

August 8, 2006


This has to be the most bizarre sheet music cover ever made. The song is called “There’s More to Follow” and it has words by E. V. Page and music by V. Davies. At the bottom it says: “THE GREAT TOPICAL SONG, sung nightly with unprecedented success by HENRY NICHOLLS, in the Pantomime ‘Hokee Pokee’ at the Grecian Theatre” and the London address follows. There is also writing on this chap’s clothes. On his leotards is written “This is our leading arthouse [?]. Compare THIS with any other 2/6.” Written on his top, it advertizes: “We are now drinking Christmas TEA.” Let’s keep going.

He appears to be wearing platform shoes, tastefully covered by milk yellow spats. His shapely legs are tightly covered with white leotards, perfect to display the advertisement, and begging people to look down at his legs. There is absolutely no sign of a bulge. Instead, a puzzling piece of clothing with a folding pattern, taken from the fold-up fan in this right hand. The pattern is also in his top hat. Each of these three pieces, the winged tutu, the fan, and the top hat are all in faded blue, red and white. He has a swagger stick in his right hand. The cuffs of his coat drape down exposing their inner hue of lemon yellow, rhyming with the spats, and evoking the erotic tongues of orchids. The jacket looks Chinese, is likely silk and has Chinese characters on it – I think. A triangle of his shirt peaks through by his waist. We see cufflinks on his right hand. He has some kind of a tie or scarf on, and the collar of the shirt juts up and not down. His moustache, which I’m fairly sure was common at this time, is out of control, and it is blonde. The fellow seems to have a “chinaman” haircut where he is mostly bald, but hanging from a hair circle on the back o his head, is a ponytail that can be rolled up in a bun, or dangle freely as it is here. His eyebrows appear to be plucked. His odd posture thrusts his hips forward and slightly to the left. The detail on his hands is not clear enough to see whether he has white gloves or not. His right hand appears to have a ring on his pinky.

Add it all together, and you have one weird looking dude. My guess is that this is the guy who comes out after the curtain closes after Act 1, and dresses loudly to get the audience’s attention, and to announce “THERE’S MORE TO FOLLOW!” And at the end, perhaps he says: b’deeya, b’deeya, b’deeya that’s all folks!”

[Thanks to BibliOdyssey for finding this treasure trove of Victorian sheet music covers.]

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