The Deleter

August 12, 2006


One of the most popular blogs devoted to disseminating digitized and, presumably, out of print LPs of “VINTAGE PSYCHEDELIC PROGRESSIVE AND KRAUTROCK” has had something very mysterious happen to it: It was visited by “the deleter.” He used to have an enormous stash of downloadable music for anyone to take. And now, it’s gone. He went on a vacation, came back and POOF! Gone. The blog is called 8 Days in April and “Garcolga,” the owner, had this to say:

Well – the deleter has been at work again!! I really have trouble believing that there is somebody that has that much time on their hands and can’t find a better way to spend it!! Oh well – I’m taking the blog on vacation for a couple months. Maybe this schmuck will get a girlfriend when he goes back to school!! See you in a couple months. Thanks to Aveek for letting me know about the deletions.

This is so bizarre. Could someone just come onto my blog and start deleting entries? What a strange hostility.

Or is it instant karma?

Or has the Great Copyright Cop just been born on the internet?

Or has his server been told to take down his blog content or get slammed with an enormous suit?

Or did HE take it down, and hide the fact from us, saying something like “SATAN took it down”?

Ah, the great deleter. S/he takes us all. But not now. Not 8 Days in April. Yes, 8 Days in April has been castrated.


An important moment in blogistory may have just occurred.

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