Two Alarcón Poems

August 17, 2006

[I am posting these poems primarily for the women of Vox Femina/LA who will be singing the premier of these settings. Any comments may be posted here or emailed to me privately at rogeratbourlanddotcom.]


there has never been sunlight for this love,
like a crazed flower it buds in the dark,
is at once a crown of thorns and
a spring garland around the temples

a fire, a wound, the bitterest fruit,
but a breeze as well, a source of water,
your breath –– a bite to the soul,
your chest––a tree trunk in the current

make me walk on the turbid waters,
be the ax that breaks this lock,
the dew that weeps from trees

if I become mute kissing your thighs,
it’s that my heart eagerly
searches your flesh for a new dawn



listen to me like that echo lost
and found in your mountain dawn,
for you my words want to be
the white wings of a gliding gull

splash your feet in my spring,
for my voice bubbles with joy,
pick for your lap the lilies
planted along my green shore

come, open my barn doors,
relish the rice gathered in the most
hidden corners of your slopes

rest in the shade of the leafy branches
that are my arms –– I am
the seed your love has made a tree

[The above poems are from the collection “Of Dark Love” published in From the Other Side of Night, The University of Arizona Press, 2002. The poems were originally called “I” and “VIII”]

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