Rufus Wainwright: The Maker Makes

August 18, 2006

In my opinion, Rufus Wainwright should have gotten “Best Song” for “The Maker Makes” (in Brokeback Mountain”) in last year’s Academy Awards. The only ones who heard it were the ones who waited until the end credits. The composer of “Brokeback Mountain” (I’ve forgotten his name already) did NOT deserve it. His work was minimal –– Henry Mancini used to say: “film composers are like plumbers, you’ve got a job to do, pay ’em and they’ll come and do the job.” It was Rufus’s song that took us over the edge, and Rufus who deserved it.

Here is the song he sang and the video made for the song. I’ve been a good boy about not putting songs here that are under copyright on this blog, but the YouTube is too much of a treasure trove to not take advantage of, so I ‘m happy to report the YouTube has a pretty good sized Rufus library.

The harmonic language of this song is very simple: that of a sleepy cowboy song (“get along little doggies”). Sprawling over this piano emulation of a guitar song are beautiful long-lined melodies. As much as we might want an orchestration of this song, simple is good enough.

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