First date

August 19, 2006


Twelve years ago, Daniel and I went on our first date. For some reason, he wanted to take me to his grandmother’s grave. He explained that they had been very close. Yes, this seemed a bit odd but I was up for it. We drove out to Simi Valley and found her unmarked grave. We sat down and he started telling me about her. Then he started to cry. I was covered in goose bumps; wow, this guy cries. I liked that. It was 11 am. We walked around, talked a lot, and then drove to a local restaurant to have lunch. More great talk. I was falling in love hard, as was he. Later that night, we went to see “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” which has become “our” movie ever since. Last night Mark, who was there from the beginning, and I watched it on my laptop. Daniel called bright and early this morning to wish me happy anniversary. He’s been sending me text messages all day long with little love notes. The last one said: “having a Hendricks martini [my fave] thinking of you my love!”

We learned to argue, settle fights, collaborate, communicate, give each other space, help and encourage each other, and love each other profoundly. I celebrate that love and our relationship.

Hendricks gin doesn’t seem to exist on Kauai, so Mark and I will settle on Tanqueray for a celebratory toast.



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