It’s just sex

August 20, 2006

Body in Flames

I want to abandon

go and awaken
the senses

I want
no memory

rather to embrace
every instant
to a frenzy

I want to think
with my feet

I want to cry
with my shoulders

I want to set
my body on fire

© Francisco X. Alarcón


This will be the last movement of the set for Iris Levine and Vox Femina/LA. It’s an erotic number for sure. Iris has been tremendously supportive of my music and I have truly appreciated it. She pushed the envelope this year and you’ll be amused to hear how.

Every year the ACDA (American Choral Directors Assoc.) has a conference where choral conductors and choruses from all over convene and perform and read music. Iris was organizing one of the reading sessions for 600 [Mormon] young women, well, they might have been girls. She chose a piece from “Alarcón Madrigals, Book 2” called “Both Page and Pen.” The piece has been quite popular with adult, feminist, and lesbian women’s choruses, but I was wondering how it would go over with Mormon girls. Evidently, someone decided that the text was “not appropriate” for the session and all 600 copies got returned to the publisher. Maybe it was this:

so I start to read your body,
pausing at every mole, as if
they were commas or periods

how I love to scribble on your chest,
use the muscles on your back as lines––
you and I are both page and pen

I never thought I’d come to the point where I actually agree with Hustler magazine mogul, Larry Flynt: “relax, it’s just sex.”

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