Face and Heart

August 22, 2006

Face and Heart

may our ears hear what nobody wants to hear
may our eyes see what everyone wants to hide
may our mouths speak our true faces and hearts
may our arms be branches that give shade and joy

let us be a drizzle, a sudden storm
let us get wet in the rain
let us be the key, the hand, the door, the kick, the ball, the road
let us arrive as children to this huge playground ––
the universe

© Francisco X. Alarcón
(Published in FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF NIGHT, Univ. of Ariz Press, 2002)
[punctuation and lineation by RB for the purposes of musical setting]

The first half of this poem is very much like a benediction and I will be setting it like a chant. The second half will open up.

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