Musicians leave instruments at home

August 22, 2006


The terror alert status is still elevated, and musicians are just sick about it. A pair of American violinists may have to leave their fiddles in Britain because the airlines won’t let the instruments into the cabin. Having just gone through quite a few check points just getting to Hawaii, I relate. I misunderstood what I could and could not bring on board and left EVERYTHING that was paste or liquid at home. I didn’t realize I just had to pack them in my suitcase. Going through airport security is becoming more and more a strip search. How long will it be before terrorists start putting bombs up their ass and we all have to get checked there before we board the plane? I’ll stay home. 😉

As most of my musician readers are well aware, many stringed instruments cost more that a median priced home, and who can blame them, not wanting to put them on that conveyor belt that gets crushed by the 150 pound suitcases you see some people carry. What with the internet getting more and more powerful, we may just have to embrace virtual travelling and virtual performing. Perhaps the violin duo can podcast their concert and everyone can just stay at home and watch/listen to them on their video iPod. Yeah, that’s it.

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