CAGES: reel one

August 29, 2006


I spent yesterday doing a little preparation work for CAGES, the film by Graham Streeter, that is in post-production. Back from “vacation” I’m in the middle of composing, performing and recording music for this film. Today I finished reel one, which includes the very important opening credits and is about 17 minutes long. On this reel is music for piano and orchestra (Poem), enhanced by yours truly to fatten the orchestra, music for pseudo-orchestral instruments played by me on my MIDI keyboard and computer, and music for exotic electronic instruments, also played by me. Gone is my rack of synthesizers: they are in the basement and their replacement is residing on my external hard drive, being driven by Logic Pro 7 music software. I have access to a zillion sounds from all over the world. It’s really frightening; I don’t really ever have to leave. Literally. I finished the reel, exported the music for download into ProTools, and FTPed it to Graham at the recording studio. I never left my chair, except to make coffee, or snack, or take a nap.

Today I threw away and recomposed four different cues. The film was recut, and a lot of the original music is now gone, so I’m afforded the opportunity to reinvent the soundscape for it. Which even means throwing out music I had originally written, but, to quote the film composers ulcer: “it’s nice music, it just doesn’t work for the scene.” Graham didn’t tell me that, I did.

Arnold Schoenberg once bolted up to the front of the classroom shaking a pencil and pointing the eraser at his students: [in strong accent] “THIS is the most important part of the pencil!”

[Did you see Graham’s post about me? Pshucks… He also took this picture, and that is Tim Miller’s new book on the floor.]

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