Wine Country Wedding (1)

September 4, 2006


We are just back from a wedding in Santa Rosa, California, a beautiful just-inland community and the heart of wine country. We stayed in an excellent Marriott hotel (cotton sheets ALWAYS appreciated, well run these days) across the street from the Hyatt where the ceremony and wedding feast was to occur. Daniel and I had lunch at MIXX, owned by a 68 year old Tuscan man, passionate about his food and wine. Breakfast next day was at the Omelette Express where the owner is the cue coordinator (also running for office as something, handing out free nail files with his name on it) as a line always gathers for this popular place. A $10 omelette could stuff three people, but the petite Asian women scarfed them down while Pete and Mike split one. We wandered through the old town downtown of Santa Rosa, liking it immensely.

I hear on the radio that the wine tourism income in California has out earned Disney for the first time. There is a reason: it is so beautiful, and if you are a wine lover, as we are, it is thrilling to see the places where these grapes are grown. We passed hundreds of fields of grapes. A few of them were starting to turn. Nights were chilly, mornings cool and foggy, then burns off and become quite warm.

I have been asked by the groom to take pictures of the family. I have avoided this kind of gig as a weekend photographer, but as I love these two people, how could I resist? So I took a deep breath, and did it. I took the Canon 20D digital camera with a 28 – 135 zoom lens for all the group stuff and the wedding. But I brought along my EOS-3 stocked with black and white Tri-X film for creamy black and white portraits of various people. I’ll take that in today for contact sheets and film scans.

But now I have to get back to work on the film, as it’s due this week. I’ll continue this story after I finish reel 4.

PS: there is a professional photographer named Roger Bourland who I think lives in or near Santa Barbara. He takes wedding pictures for a living. I am NOT that Roger Bourland. There is also a Roger Bourland in Sun City AZ who has several blogs [see sidebar]. That is my dear old Dad.


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