C&W’s Arts Club wedding

September 18, 2006


C&W got married on Saturday at the Arts Club of Chicago. We were surrounded by Picassos, Calder mobiles, and such, there was a quite interesting Andy Goldsworthy piece in the men’s bathroom (sic). There was no “best man” all the groomsmen were equal and they were all dressed to the 9s, suitable for a GQ photoshoot. C was gorgeous in her floor length satin gown that showed off her hourglass figure. Stephanie did her hair (“a $3000 hairdo”) and that was her gift to C. I got off the hook having to do any photography. Our friend Leanna was the court photographer and seemed to do a great job. (At the dance, there was a little “print it yourself” printer where anyone could go up and put their camera card into the machine and print out pictures from their own cameras. Ah, progress!

The “minister” got his license to perform the ceremony on the internet and was actually one of C’s old school buddies. The ceremony included a Shakespeare sonnet reading, a statement from W, one from C, and W’s daughter A (who has blossomed into a beautiful young woman with the heaviest upper eyelids I’ve ever seen — it seemed a struggle to keep them open; I can imagine her future boyfriend having hot flashes watching a single blink) read a statement about her dad and future ‘mom.’

Both the mother of the bride and groom were thorny professional Korean women, blunt in their manner and comments. C’s dad is an African-American, kind 70 year old academic librarian who was kind and appreciative. He kept threatening to leave “it’s way past my bedtime” but all parental units stayed until the dance ended at 11:30.

The reception after the ceremony included raw oysters served by sweet Mexican women who didn’t speak English (I had four). The dinner had prime rib or fish with excellent wine. The bride’s maids all gave little and long talks about their lives with C, as did the groomsmen.

As I mentioned in my last post, it was interesting to be the minority here as most were Korean or black. I was, once again, the dancing fool, and danced the night away, working my way into a sweaty frenzy “Roger you look like you just came in from the rain.” I guess I sweat easily. C’s mom caught me without my tie on and said “there IS a dress code here” and I couldn’t tell whether she was serious or not.

The young-uns went off to O’Tooles for more drinking and cavorting, and I hauled my tired ass back to the room to watch TV and fall asleep. The next day, C&W flew off to Turkey for their honeymoon. Stephanie, Kevin, Daniel and I went to Millenium Park (fabulous!! pix to follow) and then the Arts Institute of Chicago. I spent all my time in the Harry Callahan exhibit (American photographer), one of my heroes, and I was in heaven. Especially interesting was his “film” made in the late 40s which had no sound or dialog, just arresting images of motion: trees going by, shot from a moving car, moving water, walking people, a kind of pre-Koyaanisqatsi in black and white. I’d love to do an orchestral accompaniment to this film, as the rapid cuts and constantly changing textures, left me covered in goosebumps and horny to compose.

Chicagua, er, Chicago is a great place. I’ll be back, but for the time being, I’m tired of travelling and looking forward to returning to my life in LA as a teacher at UCLA (first day of class, Oct.2). Upon my arrival, I have to “add some low notes” to a few passages in CAGES and then the film will be ready to send off to the world (scheduled for release by Hallmark Films in 2007). Then, I get to finish my 2nd chamber opera, and by the time school starts, I’ll take a break from these heavy deadlines I’ve had all summer.

Farewell to Chicago. Farewell to summer. Farewell to the 5th wedding. Farewell to stripping at airports. Farewell to living out of a suitcase. I miss my dogs and parrots. I miss the periodicity of my teaching schedule and am recharged and ready to go back to start my last 10 years as a university professor.

[Photo by Leanna Creel; you can see ME on the far right.]

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