Putting in musical “sound”

September 20, 2006

5.jpgGraham and I spent a grueling 8 hours composing and recording “sound” throughout the film: Lo pads, high sustained pitches or climbing, little sonic stings here and there. Paul Simon once said that the sound is the most important thing he listens to in his music, not the words, melody, or chord changes, but the sound. It was Dylan’s orchestration, sound that pissed everyone off in the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. Not the words, not the music, but the SOUND. I just picked up the new book, THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON MUSIC (more on that later) which has been thought provoking, and this notion of SOUND was one of the elements discussed at length. Ironically, I read that chapter the day Graham asked me for SOUND supplements in the film.

I think I will start incorporating this element in my teaching of music theory. “What does this music SOUND like? State the obvious.” will be a refrain this year.

Oh yeah, I finished the music for CAGES today.Whew! Tomorrow I’ll get to hear it all in a Dolby 5.1 theater. I hope my music, and my SOUND will stand up in the theater. They never taught me about creating SOUND in theory class. Live and learn.

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