Sudoku and wrong answers

September 22, 2006

The other day I commented how, in Sudoku, when a solution appears, a whole slew of additional answers and clues appear––kinda like life. It occurs to me that the opposite is also true. When you make a mistake, a single mistake, [in Sudoku] you base future decisions upon that erroneous solution and they are usually ALL wrong. Life can be like THAT too.

Do I cheat and look at the answers? Yes, sometimes, but I only check to see what I have done correctly. Only when I’m really stumped will I do this. Then, I erase all the incorrect numbers along with my scribbles, and do NOT copy any of the answers: I won’t put down a number unless I am certain how IT is the correct number. Why cheat?

What is lovely in Sudoku, but sadly not undoable in life, is that you can erase incorrect solutions and start over.

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