Friday night, pix, and dinner at eight at Joe’s

September 23, 2006

Composer, Mark Carlson

Composer, Mark Carlson (2006); photo by Roger Bourland.

Mark Carlson came over early for some new head shots. This one was my favorite, although it wasn’t the one he ultimately chose.

I find it interesting, speaking of how our brains make sense of the world, to see what pictures people prefer of themselves––myself included. I remember when I was 15, there was only one picture of myself that I thought was really me (see below), and only that one. In all the others I looked like the nerd that I was, and those really weren’t me. Or when I hear myself on an answering machine, I can’t believe that THAT is really me. My brain kicks into self defense auto-correct mode and labels it THAT’S NOT ME. And therefore it isn’t. (Isn’t that called self-denial?)

Roger Bourland at age 15

Roger Bourland III at age 15.

After all the photos were downloaded, Daniel edited one, sent Mark copies of his faves, and we jumped in the car and went over Laurel Canyon (took forever) to go to Joe’s new home. He was there with Henry (his partner), and D, a young, passionate writer/director and a small group of friends was to gather to have a dinner. Graham and Alex arrived, G looking like a proud papa, having finished CAGES and quite happy with the results. I was tickled to hear that even the (straight) Dolby 5.1 dude, Evan (British), was caught crying several times during the film. Joe gave up trying to conceal his own tears when he saw and heard the film in its new form for the first time.

After dinner, we all piled into the music room. Mark played a Schumann piece, and an original one (gorgeous we all thought!), and I played and sang Paul McCartney’s “Blackbird” and Rufus Wainwright’s “The Maker Makes” (part of it) and “Dinner at Eight” and then we all went home.

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