Brilliant wind propelled machines

September 29, 2006

tjansen.jpgThe amazing inventor, Theo Jansen, has invented a fleet of wind propelled robots, designed to roam the deserts of the future post-greenhouse-effect world. The ever-sensuous Museum of Dust looped a bit outside its mission to bring these desert rovers to our attention (and I’m glad she did):

No one, that is, until Dutchman and god, Theo Jansen, realised one very important truth. Things were going to change, the weather was going to hell in a handbasket and the environment was bound to follow. The future thought Jansen is going to be a big desert.

He has come up with the obvious solution; ambulating robots that live on wind and can stalk the dunes forever. So far this demiurge has created herds of gigantic spiky creatures whose skeletal forms are made from light and cheap plastic components.

Watch a variety of [teeny] videos showing these remarkable machines in motion.

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