October 8, 2006

happy.jpgRebecca and David invited us to the Beverly Hills Country Club today. A great brunch spread and a lovely visit. Cameron and Margie were also there. Even though most of us are artists of one kind or another, we talked about fitness, comparing yoga to Pilates, the value of aerobic exercise, and dogs. Our dogs (Italian Greyhounds) sleep with us, Margi and Cameron’s dogs (also IGs) don’t. Rebecca and David kind of want dogs, but R travels a lot. We resolved to have a dog dinner where they can see our dogs in action to see if that’s the kind of dog they’d like.

Lots of talk about Lisbon, Barcelona, Sitges, Ibiza, and Amsterdam, places we’ll likely be next summer.
David took us for a tour of the facilities: well put together, smallish, clean, 3 tennis courts, a 3-lane lap pool, spa, sauna and the rest. The food seemed good. There is a lovely view of West LA (t’ain’t really Beverly Hills) skyline with the afternoon marine layer beginning to roll in.

Tonight we go to the Grauman Chinese with Mark and Yael who have never been.

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