Carpenter bees vs. Black Widows

October 9, 2006


We have a wooden trellis over a porch in our backyard, supported by 4″ by 4″ wooden poles. Over the years, our neighborhood carpenter bees have decided that our wood is the tastiest and have chewed tunnels in the support poles. The whole structure is starting to sway and is becoming unstable. I’ve tried various things to try to get rid of these pests including staking out these rather clumsy insects and batting them out of the sky with a fly swatter. I know, I feel guilty killing these black creatures that look like a warm and fuzzy bumble bee. But the damage they do is significant. I had given up, thinking we should just tear them all down and start over, but all of a sudden I recognized the chaotic web of the black widow over their entry holes. Insect warfare. Wow. Intense. Those shiny black widows arm creeping down the tunnels and finding a nice tasty carpenter bee to paralyze and eat. MMmmm!


[Photograph: “Crab Spider with Carpenter Bee” © Dan Charbonnet APSA. Drawing “The Black Widow” by Jessica and Norman.]

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