Mark and Yael visit

October 11, 2006

Mark and Yael stayed with us this past week. What a joy to have two marvelous musicians in the house. Mark is one of the planet’s great violinists, and his (younger) wife is a marvelous pianist. Both on the faculty of University of Indiana at Bloomington, they were in town for a concert and climaxed the week by giving a concert for a group of about 20 friends at our home last Saturday. Our new Feurich 7’3″ grand piano has just been regulated and tuned and we were happy to hear it played so beautifully by Yael.

The concert featured the Beethoven Spring Sonata, the Webern Op.7 pieces, single movements from the Ravel sonata (“Blues”) and a Brahms sonata. They ended the concert with an encore by yours truly, called “Waltz No.70” originally written for Leon Kirchner’s 70th birthday. We were thilled and the listeners even moreso. We’ve decided to have regular concerts here featuring friends who play and perhaps preceded by an inexpensive meal. I’m already planning mine, but Angus and Thom will be next.

Daniel videotaped the concert, so I’m hoping to include my encore piece in a subsequent post. In the mean time, Yael found this YouTube video of her (then, younger) husband playing the 24th Paganini Caprice. Can this guy play or what? (By the way, Yael has a new CD coming out this month featuring late Schumann piano music. I have a copy but it’s a surprise until it’s released.)


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