Our handy man, Tom Cruise

October 26, 2006


I love living in Hollywood. You just never know who you will run into next. We met Stuart, who is a Tom Cruise look-alike––not just in reality, but professionally. So here is Tom Cruise in my house, fixing the front porch, the door into the office and few other little things. He’s got this big honkin’ orange truck with huge support racks on top for God knows what. He has an Australian accent. And it’s just weird talking to this dude, because it’s like talking to Tom Cruise with an Australian accent. I guess I told you that already.

He pointed out a crack in the front porch:

“I’d suggest you just leave that alone. But that’s my theory; you’ve probly got yours.”

“Well, no I don’t. Does it mean that the porch is cracking off?”

“Everything is moving.” And I felt I was being advised by a Boddhisattva handy man, not just a Tom Cruise stand-in.

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