Tim Burton’s “Nightmare before Christmas” in 3D and other creepy images

October 31, 2006


Ten of us gathered stood in a line last night to go to Hollywood’s famous EL CAPITAN to see the new 3D version of “Nightmare before Christmas.” We all got free and very cool 3D glasses that we got to keep. The previews were better (actually GORGEOUS) examples of 3D work today. “Nightmare” was, of course, adapted from 2D to 3D as one of our gang pointed out, so it doesn’t quite jump out at you.

I love the score. For that matter, the film should be called Danny Elfman and Tim Burton’s “Nightmare…” Elfman’s score is just perfect. It doesn’t sound like the typical Disney song. Elfman’s harmonic sound is unique. Sure, he LOVES to rove through minor chords in everything he does, but Danny is a great composer. Classical composers like to take pot shots at him for not being able to notate his music. Who cares? If he can afford to hire someone to do what he can’t, it’s his business. All that matters is the end product––and in this movie, it is terrific.

The El Capitan was packed, and for some odd reason, I reason I was surrounded by young people with soft faces, and lots of black clothing and black hair. Damon pointed out to me that there was a very vital young Latino Goth constituency in Los Angeles and this is evidently one of their movies, because they were out in force. The hairstyles were amazing. These are the youth of America I thought to myself. Sweet kids who look like Alice Cooper or Ozzy Osbourne grandchildren.


Speaking of the youth of America, my marvelously international Music We Love freshman seminar at UCLA is going quite well this year. Yesterday, a student presented her lecture on the Goo Goo Dolls. She told how one of their songs, “Iris” whose lyrics state “you bleed just to know you’re alive” and this has now become a national anthem for “cutters,” or people who cut themselves “for a variety of reasons.” My freshmen students all looked as surprised as I was. Cutters, wow! There is music for dancing, for worshiping, for its own sake, for going to war, for courting, and so on, an now, music for cutters. That’s why I love being taught by freshmen, confessing their favorite music.

[Photo: by Damon Seeley. The line down the alley while waiting for “Nightmare…”]


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