VITAS: The artist who has been waited for

November 2, 2006

At least that is what the English translation of his website says. Is that kinda like a musical messiah? Hmm. You can decide.

Brother Ursi continues to introduce me to amazing musicians, and this one is no exception. VITAS, who is Russian, has the ability to sing into the soprano range and sound like an interesting morph between a high alto dominatrix vixen and a theremin on steroids. But the power inhis voice can only be likened to the evil chain-smoking Kung Fu mistress in KUNG FU HUSTLE where she inhales an entire cigarette and let’s out a wall of sonic destruction, splitting walls and buildings, ripping out trees, and destroying virtually everything in its way, that is except another Kung Fu master.

Here is a video of his Lucia di Lammermoor. Get ready: This is not your Mama’s Lucia.

This is an artist to watch. I hope that he invests in a better English translator for all of our sakes.

[You will need Flash plugin to watch this video.]

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