Iron Chef potluck dinner

November 7, 2006


On Saturday, we had a dinner party for a lot of Daniel’s designer buddies and old classmates, something he likes to do once a year just to get the old gang back together for fun, food, and networking. His stroke of genius on this one was to have an “Iron Chef Dinner” where prizes would be given out for what was voted to be the top three dishes. In that this group is ga ga about Project Runway, I realized I should have taken the roll of Tim and critiqued everyone’s dish, but that was not necessary as we were all having too good of a time eating the amazing dishes that people brought over.

My personal favorite was Cicely’s apple cobbler that had jalapeno peppers: Brilliant! The apples hold the pepper heat beautifully, so the hot and tartness of the apples and the sweetness altogether was amazing.

At one point I went out onto the front porch and saw the full moon with an aura around it. I ran to get Julia Shin, also a weekend photographer, who dashed to get her camera and tripod, who, after a few snaps, came up with the lovely picture you see above.

So if you’re looking for an idea for a potluck party, try the Iron Chef theme.

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