Voting in Hollywood

November 7, 2006

miss_cleo.jpgUsually there are senior citizens at our voting places in Hollywood. This year it was different, OK, the two ladies that checked us in were septuagenarians. But then I turned the table and a gorgeous black woman with eye lashes for days looked at me and said in her most sultry voice “I bet you want a ballot” with the same tone she might have used had she propositioned me out on Sunset Boulevard. But each person got a different tone. This was an actress in constant-audition mode. Two guys behind me elicited “OH! You’re the writer of ‘Pirates of the Carribean.'” The dude next to her, her co-worker, looking like David Crosby’s older brother, said “Yeah, not only that but…” and gave a list of all the other movies this poor unshaven, slightly hungover looking chap had written.

[Photo is actually of Miss Cleo, who just might have been the woman giving out the ballots.]

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