Beck: Clap Hands

November 10, 2006

Here is a spirited performance by Beck. I’m not sure who the other guys are, but I’m inviting them to my next dinner party. I have had many memorable dinners in my life where after everyone finishes eating, we begin to play the dishes and the water and wine glasses. I went through a period where I would tune everyone’s wine glass with water or wine and have them play when I pointed at them. Great fun.

Watching this performance rekindled those memories for me. Some of you may remember Delaney and Bonnie from the 60s. They did a song called “Never ending song of love” where Delaney (I think) played a suitcase as a percussion instrument and it worked perfectly.

Composer and friend Elaine Barkin and I used to jam in the organ studio at UCLA. We never bothered turning on the organ, we played it like a percussion instrument. We played the walls, the seats, the floor, the windows, and all the other sound making devices we felt like bringing. I have hours of our improvisations. I’ll have to pull them out and listen to them some day. Or maybe I’ll just watch this video again…

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