Wine, Wine, Wine

November 21, 2006

Flipping through the ever entertaining collection Levy Sheet Music I found this fun cover that sums up my week (Well, I wasn’t able to find one that said “Friends, Friends, Friends” or “Martini, Martini, Martini” or “Food, Food, Food”). This cover reminded me that I’ll get to sit down with friends and a tasty bottle of Shiraz this week to visit, eat, listen and play music, eat some more, and watch movies. While Daniel is in Paris with Angie, I have a whole line up of guests visiting: Angus and Thom are here for a couple of days, then Mark Carlson will come over on Thanksgiving, the next day Francisco X Alarc√≥n and his partner will come to town and spend a night, and the next day Mitchell Morris will come over. What a great holiday!


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