Hollywood Holidays 1

December 3, 2006

After a long day of work, we stopped over at the Outpost for a hot tub and wine spritzer, and then trundled over to Scott’s party. Scott is famous for great parties. The bartenders were handsome (seemed straight) and attentive. We found out that they were from a company called BeautifulBartenders.com and resolved to hire them for Daniel’s upcoming birthday bash. There was a taco stand (sic) in the back yard with a Mexican couple who made everyone tacos and tamales — a big hit. There was the gorgeous bluegreen pool that 20 years ago might have been filled with naked men, last night was still and surrounded by fully clothed people huddled around the heat lamps on a cool Silverlake, December evening.

Scott was Tom Villard’s partner before Tom died of AIDS in 1994. I knew Tom through Angus back in the early 80s when none of us had a job. Tom starred in TROUBLE WITH DICK, a SciFi feature film that was my first score. Scott has been active of late working with J.J. Abrams on the TV projects as well as in motion pictures. He is one brilliant guy.

There were actors, set designers, directors, producers, architects, and other glitterati. My old friend Scott Dunn was back in town with Robbie looking fit. Steven Shortridge looked jolly. The master acupuncturist, Cesar, was there with his wife Naomi. Daniel and I chatted with him for a good half hour about his practice and technique.

All of a sudden we heard a CRACK! and water pouring out onto something. We looked out and saw that the back porch had collapsed, only a foot or so, and had broken a water pipe which sent a fountain of water jetting in front of Javier and Sylvia’s taco stand. Scott stayed cool, no one was hurt, and the water was turned off. The commotion brought a fair amount of attention to the taco stand and it was soon surrrounded by hungry party goers.

I forgot to mention that the theme for the party was F*CK THE HOLIDAYS, which was spelled out in gorgeous polished metal letters on the fireplace. Warhol and Hockney hovered as a Poloroid camera was passed around the party. The developed-before-your-eyes snapshots were taped up around the house like an instant installation. Besides that, the only other Xmas paraphernalia was an old wadded-up string of 1950s-style light bulbs hung around a lamp pole.


[Photo of Scott by Roger Bourland ca. 2000]

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