Roger Bourland: miscellaneous reviews and press

December 11, 2006

Adamo, Mark, “Harmonic Convergance,” The Washington Post (04/30/1993)
Allen, Susan, “Three Magical Places,” The American Harp Journal (02/01/1982)
Allman, Kevin, “Singing Praises of the Gay Choral Movement,” Los Angeles Times (09/22/1992)
Bargreen, Melinda, “Seattle Men’s Chorus opener: It was packed with emotion,” The Seattle Times (03/26/1993)
Barkin, Elaine, “Critical Standards Need Explanation,” Los Angeles Times (04/13/1992)
Bibisi, Suzan, “Healing Music,” Daily News (03/28/1992)
Biemiller, Lawrence, “Notes from Academe,” The Chronicle of Higher Education (04/21/1993)
Biemiller, Lawrence, “An AIDS Cantata That Is Part Hymn, Part Lullaby, Part Country Ballad”,” The Chronicle of Higher Education (05/13/1992)
Bivins, Gene, “Too Rich,” LA Weekly (04/24/1992)
Block, Steven, “Frightening Virtuosity,” “Market Square (Pittsburgh, PA)” (11/09/1983)
Bommer, Lawrence, “Windy City singers evoke many moods in poetic settings,” Chicago Tribune (06/21/1994)
Bommer, Lawrence, “Gay choruses feature emotional 7-part cantata,” Chicago Tribune (06/21/1993)
Bourland, Roger, “Roger Bourland Talks About ‘Hidden Legacies’,” Composer USA (06/01/1992)
Buell, Richard, “Good time to buy into piano trios –– they’re hot,” Boston Globe (11/05/1991)
Buell, Richard, “Rush hour at Sanders,” Boston Globe (07/28/1984)
Buell, Richard, “Schuller in his element at Pro Arte,” Boston Globe (05/08/1984)
Buell, Richard, “Sneakers lead the field,” Boston Globe (07/23/1983)
Buell, Richard, “MIT Chamber Players capture ‘Pierrot’,” Boston Globe (05/14/1983)
Buell, Richard, “…and Red Sneakers kick up their heels, too”,” Boston Globe (04/25/1983)
Buell, Richard, “Red Sneakers produce some winners,” Boston Globe (10/30/1982)
Buell, Richard, “Polished Red Sneakers,” Boston Globe (06/19/1982)
Buell, Richard, “Sneakers set a fast pace,” Boston Globe (05/02/1981)
Buell, Richard, “Nourishing night of Schuller,” Boston Globe (11/17/1980)
Buell, Richard, “Alea III debut sounded right,” Boston Globe (04/07/1979)
Campbell, Phillip, “North Meets South,” Bay Area Reporter (04/27/1995)
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Campbell, R. M., “3 American Composers listen to the Symphony play their works,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer (09/19/1985)
Cariaga, Daniel, “Ah Upbeat Cantata on AIDS Crisis?,” Los Angeles Times (03/28/1992)
Cart.Staff, “The Trouble With Dick,” Variety (01/28/1987)
Chou, Pellin, “‘Legacies’ of Pain,” Daily Bruin (04/01/1992)
Chung, David, “Composer keeps music alive with wind ensemble,” dB Magazine (05/15/2003)
Chute, James, “New Music, Los Angeles has its highs and lows”,” Orange County Register (03/03/1987)
Commanday, Robert, “New Music Program Falls Flat,” San Francisco Examiner (11/06/1985)
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Curtis, Liane, “The sweetest sound: BWRC celebrates Latin Culture,” Bay Windows (04/15/2004)
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Dyer, Richard, “Bourland rocks,” Boston Globe (06/05/1994)
Dyer, Richard, “Wedded to their work,” Boston Globe (03/25/2005)
Dyer, Richard, “The Best of 1993,” Boston Globe (12/26/1993)
Dyer, Richard, “The life-affirming force of ‘Hidden Legacies’,” The Boston Globe (03/29/1993)
Dyer, Richard, “Bourland’s stirring cantata,” The Boston Globe (03/26/1993)
Dyer, Richard, “Ten Best in Classical Music: 1991,” Boston Globe (12/29/1991)
Dyer, Richard, “New Music for harp, Vol. 1″,” Boston Globe (10/13/1983)
Dyer, Richard, “Red Sneakers make good showing,” Boston Globe (01/29/1983)
Dyer, Richard, “1982 Best in Classical Music,” Boston Globe (12/25/1982)
Dyer, Richard, “Sneakers, running shorts and fun”,” Boston Globe (07/24/1982)
Dyer, Richard, “Composers in Red Sneakers are scoring with fans,” Boston Globe (07/18/1982)
Dyer, Richard, “Schuller, Collage hold an event”,” Boston Globe (02/24/1982)
Dyer, Richard, “Alea III displays some jewels,” Boston Globe (05/13/1980)
Eder, Richard, “The Stage: ‘Beowulf’ A Pageant, at La Mama”,” The New York Times (04/23/1979)
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Farber, Jim, “Epic poem inspires work,” The Daily Breeze (10/30/1992)
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Garelick, Maureen, “Gay and Proud,” The Independent (02/16/1995)
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Gelbert, Bruce-Michael, “Laughter, Tears, and Pride”,” New York Native (07/26/1993)
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Smith, David Hugh, “Composers in Red Sneakers music world’s self-starters,” The Christian Science Monitor (12/13/1982)
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Sonata, “Cantilena,” The American Organist (05/01/1988)
Spear, Elizabeth, “The Healing Touch,” Evening Outlook (03/27/1992)
Staff, “Morning Sonata,” The American Organist (05/01/1988)
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Staff, “Morning Report,” Los Angeles Times (10/08/1992)
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Staff, “Composers in Red Sneakers,” Opus (08/01/1987)
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Staff, “Guild selects conductors for program,” “The Dominion Post (Morgantown, WV)” (07/31/1984)
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Wright, Ed, “One of our Treasures!,” The Slant (05/01/1995)
Zimmerman, Eric, “Too Rich,” LA Weekly (04/24/1992)

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