Defragmenting your hard drive and other cosmic activities

December 12, 2006

nerd.jpgThose of you who take care of your hard drives know that from time to time it is necessary to defragment it. What happens is that ideally, all of your jpeg files will be one place, your mp3 docs elsewhere, and your .doc files are there and so on. But as life happens, your things get scattered all over the place. So you run a disk utility and everything gets put back into its place. You even see a color-coded representation of that fact.

I keep hoping to do that with all my physical stuff. Sometimes, especially after eating chocolate cake for dinner, I wake up at 3 am and think: I really need to organize all the junk in this house. Of course this is one of my favorite past times. The last time I did it, I rented an enormous dumpster and filled it 2/3rds full with stuff. And I still have too much stuff. But the remaining stuff is NOT in order dammit. Why can’t there be a Disk Doctor that comes to my house and waves her magic wand and all the birds of a feather flock together, and all my photo albums are in one place, my music things in another, our house documents here, and tax stuff there and oh my. Yes, that is what I want: a household techtoolPro or Norton Utilties to put my life in order. Hell, I’d even let her rebuild my desktop!.

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