54th Birthday

December 13, 2006


© by ZoDy/Deviant Art

Today I am 54 years old. Too bad I’m home with a flu, it’s not a devastating one, but I’ve decided to NOT share it with anyone and am staying home from school today. I’m not a huge fan of birthday parties. Children should have them every year until they turn 16. Married couples should always celebrate them by going out for a romantic dinner and don’t get too tipsy so you have some energy for love when you get home. As I get older, I think a birthday party on the years divisible by 5 are sufficient–I’d even go as far as saying celebrate them every decade until you are 60. Then 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, and 90. Then, that’s enough.

I may have a quiet dinner with Daniel or Mark at Ammo so I can get my favorite martini (made with Old Raj gin) and delicious food. No party for me this year, next year, yes.


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